Thanks, Dyson: Unusual Coming Out Story!

You can read the full story at Outsports:

Never in a million years did I think I’d come out over a vacuum discount. But I also never thought I’d be sharing this story publicly in this fashion.”

“Through the power of the internet and an application on my phone, I connected with a very handsome man who worked at Dyson in Chicago. A friendship that still continues to this day blossomed during the fall of 2012 – albeit a friendship I did not know at the time would be a pivotal component to my coming-out story. Fast forward to Thanksgiving break during my junior year at the University of Northern Iowa, my mother said during a family dinner that she had her eye on a $700 vacuum made by….Dyson. The millennial in me immediately jumped onto my phone to text my Dyson friend to inquire about what I deemed was a severely overpriced vacuum.

During the conversation, my friend has expressed that he could get a significant discount for me to reduce the vacuum cost to a mere $200. I was shocked at such a significant price dropped and was ready to sign on the dotted line. My friend brought me back to reality when he said I would have to explain to my mother how I showed up with a $700 vacuum as a poor college student. Understanding the story I would have to fabricate in order to make this discount work was too hefty, so I brushed it off.”

When Black Friday rolled around, my mother was thumbing through the local ads in the paper and spotted that $700 vacuum for a grand total of $600! Anxious to jump on that “deal,” she encouraged me to get in the car to go pick up this Dyson vacuum. In the back of my mind, I could not in all good conscious let my mother overspend on a vacuum that I know had a significantly reduced priced waiting for her in Chicago.

The moment of truth had arrived with butterflies that I’m sure almost all gay men feel when they tell their parents they are gay. Fighting through the nerves and sweaty palms, and dancing around the idea of tell my mother, I finally pulled the trigger and spilled the goods. My heart dropped into my pinky toes as the tears swelled up in her eyes as she was filled with both shock and awe.

“I still love you with all my heart,” she said.


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