Meet Mr. Long Beach Leather!

Is there a better way to spend your weekend than by going to Long Beach? It seems that they’re growing some cute guys over there – especially when it comes to leather! Ali Mushtaq is the reigning Mr Leather Long Beach, and he has quite a story to tell! Of course, you can easily meet hot guys in Long Beach thanks to

“I’ve always wanted to go to Pride in the U.K. I especially want to go because it has a high South Asian population, or people that are from places like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, et cetera. They also have a lot of gay Muslims and Hindus. As much as I love people of all backgrounds, I especially want to go there because it would be fun celebrating pride with people from my background.”

I watched Queer as Folk as a teenager. For me, that show was a source of empowerment. I learned how to be proud of my body and sexuality. So the song “Proud” by Heather Small, which was one of the last songs of the series, encapsulated that feeling of pride in myself, and especially the idea that it was not only ok to be gay, but that I could be the change I wanted to see in my community.”

I love the overall freedom and acceptance that the leather/BDSM community espouses. So for me, I’m comfortable in a jockstrap and harness because I’m proud to be a gay Muslim who is into leather. By being in a jockstrap and a harness, I’m exercising a freedom that a lot of Muslims (and others) around the world don’t have: The freedom to be who they are. A lot of Muslim risk losing their communities, loved ones, and even their lives when they choose to come out of the closet. So I represent myself this way because I know they sometimes can’t.”

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