Charlie Carver: Exist!

We love and adore Charlie Carver – and he recently wrote an interesting article for the Playboy! Here’s what he had to say:

Remarkable or unremarkable, we queer people too resist by existing. That quiet history of existence is monumental, even alongside historic victories like the passage of marriage equality and the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. While I certainly owe my decision to come out, and to do it publically, to having lived through those moments of progress, not all of us ask for that responsibility, nor should we feel required to. Each of us already contributes through our individual pursuits of happiness—by continuing to live in and through sets of respectively unequal systems among many who would be glad to see us gone. By existing. The chief responsibility for us all is to regard all LGBTQIA+ lives as sacred. May the rest follow.”

By the way, I finally read that Pride Month article from MTV News this morning. Afterward, I daydreamed of an alternate timeline for myself: my “remarkable” begins with bringing a cute boy home for dinner and affectionately introducing him to my parents by name. According to that article by Jane Coaston, that is a very real possibility in some parts of the country today—to live that story, it now seems, is remarkably important. So as much as your safety will bear it, exist! Live freely in your expression, your body, love affectionately and exist! Exist!”

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