Gay Proposal: Rain-forest Edition!

There are good chances that you’ve never heard of Kevin McLean – he’s an explorer who’s working for National Geographic. In February, he and his long-time partner went to Panama, specifically to a rainforest – and that’s where something magical happened!

His boyfriend Dan was planning to propose to him – but Kevin was also planning to propose to Dan! The description of the video might be a bit simple: “National Geographic explorer Kevin McLean studies and documents little-known arboreal mammals by setting up video camera traps in neotropical forest canopies. On a recent trip to Panama, Kevin took his long-term boyfriend, Dan, on his first climb, where they both were in for a surprise.”

But we assure you that it’s a heartwarming story that just needs to be watched! Check out the magic – and don’t forget, if you want to find your own BF whom you might propose, you can always turn to and find someone special who loves to travel!

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