Brian Anderson on His Coming Out!

We’ve covered Brian Anderson’s coming out – he made quite a bang since he’s the only openly gay pro skater! But now he’s ready to talk about his coming out experiences!

There were all these things around me in society that were telling me, ‘Do not tell anybody this stuff.’ I was really lonely. It was hard to pretend. It felt good to get hurt, rough myself up, bleed. I think I was so angry a lot of times, hearing these things… I would clench my fists, and just be like, ’I’m taking this out on my board.”

It is scary to put myself out there like that,” he says. “But seeing what kids are going through, not knowing where to turn, committing suicide, that gave me a huge amount of commitment to do it” – he said about his coming out.

You can watch the full interview right here:

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